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Continued investment in our equipment, people and systems can only be achieved by maintaining an adequate return on investment. This means we may not be able to offer the highest possible return, for all metals, at all times. We can however offer you a service of the highest ethical standard and guarantee your peace of mind, knowing the returns for your scrap, will be for the true weight of metal we receive, paid at the agreed price.


AMR employs 'state of the art' weighing and purchasing software, developed specifically for the metal recycling industry to comply with strict global trading regulations and reporting. This includes automatic logging and entry of weights directly from our touch screen enabled scales, without the need to manually record or calculate weight or price information. This is for our peace of mind as much as yours and eliminates possible key stroke errors in either direction.


If that doesn't ease your mind, your metal will be photographed during the weighing process and the digital image stored on our database, available for you to audit, any time during normal business hours. This advanced system is the first to be installed in Australia and provides a highly accurate, secure and auditible weighing process.                  

Our Undesirables.

Metal theft is an ongoing problem for,ourselves, our customers and the community. Thieves will continue to go to extraordinary lengths of vandalism to pilfer metal whilst there are companies willing to purchase stolen property.


AMR will not tolerate criminal activity of any kind and will continue to assist the local authorities in their bid to reduce or eliminate metal theft.


We reserve the right to refuse service to any persons we suspect of trying to sell stolen goods.

Our Systems.

'If we can't do it responsibly, honestly and legitimately......

.......we would prefer to not do it at all.

Our Association.

We are proud to be full members of the Australia Metal Recyclers Industry Association "AMRIA". The main guideline included in the AMRIA code of conduct, is for members to "maintain a high standard of commercial conduct and business ethics with other members, customers and suppliers. This includes the honoring of all contracts and commitments freely entered into, in particular the adherence to both quantity and quality".


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