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1. You will receive PROMPT PAYMENT on your preferred terms. We offer the choice of EFT or cheque on a 7, 14 or 30 schedule - If you chose to deliver your metal to us we will even pay you in cash with prior notice!


2. We​ offer pricing options including daily, weekly and monthly spot and fixed rates or options to price against independent global market indicators such as the London Metal Exchange (LME) and Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).


3. Our purchasing and weighing systems provide 100% peace of mind that you will be paid for every kg or tonne of metal we receive. (see more information under 'Our Ethics' page on this website).


4. We offer a scrap metal collection and bin service for ongoing volumes which can be serviced at anytime your production schedules determine.


5. All volumes of scrap received are reported to you as you require. Our standard reports include the details of the vehicle carrying your scrap, the gross, tare and net weights and the grade of metal we receive. We can even give you access to our company intranet where you can view this information at your leisure.  

Our 5 Reasons.


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