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Mike Vanoosten (Director & Trader)​​ entered the scrap Metal Industry as an "Apprentice Scrappy", working at a family scrap metal business located in Western Australia. Educated with the basics of the trade, he bought and sold metal weighed on antique Avery bar scales and processed it using a combination of bolt cutters, pocket knives, sledge hammers and oxy torches. He survived a tough industry initiation under an even tougher mentor and went on to manage the business when it changed hands several years later.


Mike started as a metal buyer with Sims Metal in 2000 and during the foillowing 13 years went on to hold management roles in South Australia and Victoria. With an industry association spanning nearly two decades, in several regional locations and working on all levels, Mike has become well known and respected identity in the Metal Recycling Industry. His extensive experience trading with all levels of the supply chain including small manufacturers, scrap metal dealers and the largest volume producing accounts in Australia. This provides AMR with an excellent platform for relationship development and progressive growth.


(Mike is a committee member of the Australian Metal Recyclers Industry Association 'AMRIA')

Tony Notaro (Metal Buyer) is responsible for grading and weighing the loads of metal we receive and he has been doing it for long enough to do it very well. The importance of this role in any scrap metal business can not be under stated. It requires a great deal of patience, honesty and attention to detail.

Tony's love of the St Kilda Football Club proves he has a substantial amount of patience and his success and reputation,  working in this role for the world's largest recycling company, proves he has what it takes.   

Our Leadership.

Our Expertise.

Our Planner.


   'We can only promise you the best service........

 .......because we know we have got the best team.'

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